Summer Goals

Last night, I sat down and I made a list of goals that I have for the coming months. To give you a little bit of context, when we moved here in September of last year, I had an office job lined up, but it was only 20 hours a week. So, I got another part time job at a local restaurant. It didn’t take long before the office decided to hire me on full time, which was awesome! I, of course, thinking I was superwoman, held onto that second job, working two or three nights a week. I still say that the restaurant was a good experience; I made some friends, and although there were times where I felt very tired and stretched thin, it was mostly ok. And we managed to save a bunch of tuition money. That is always a bonus. Recently, however, I have just felt DONE. And so it came to pass that I worked my last shift at the restaurant  a couple of days ago.

And now? Now I feel FREE! Add to it that the office I work for switches to a four day summer work week, and I feel like I can accomplish anything! Except that I know myself well enough to know that just feeling like I can do anything does not mean that I will actually accomplish anything at all. So, that’s where my list of goals comes in:

1.       Lots of beach days! I will have Fridays off all to myself, and my plan is to spend them doing nothing in the sunshine. I have some serious relaxing ahead of me!

2.       Start a blog. Hey! This one is already done! Sweet, look at me go already…

3.       Plan our meals a week in advance. This is how I used to do meals/shopping before we moved. Since then, with both our schedules being so crazy….not so much. But I want to make this a priority again! We eat better, healthier, more complete meals, AND we save money. I hope to share some of what I come up with here!

4.       Get serious about running. I have been running on and off for a couple of years, but haven’t been able to be consistent about it. I think I was focusing too much on the outward benefits of running: namely, I wanted to lose some weight. BUT, I have gotten glimpses of what it is to truly love running and THAT’S where I want to be this time. I want to do it because it feels good, gives me energy, and will help me to be a healthier person. Right now I am working through Podrunner Intervals. I have avoided doing something like this before because I thought the beginning weeks would be too easy for me. (And they would be, if I was doing them at the snail-pace I had been moving at.) I am using the beginning weeks to help increase my pace – I am hoping that by the time the program is done, I can do a 30 minute 5K.

5.       Yoga! This is a recent discovery of mine, and I am really liking it! I want to continue to practice consistently I hope to see some big changes in my flexibility and strength.

6.       Find a class to get involved in. I am hoping to get in on a cake decorating class, because I think that would be super fun, or maybe find a class at hubby’s school – students’ spouses can audit one class a semester for free.

7.       Find a sweet dress for the wedding we will be going to in September. And not care about what size it is (or I am).

So, there they are! All in all, I think these are realistic and attainable goals. Especially the sitting on the beach part! 🙂

How has today been? Okay.  I came home from work exhausted and just wanted to lie around. But, after some Maisy cuddles, I kicked myself in the butt and went for my run. My legs felt like bricks, but I pushed through and even did pretty well. Week 2 is now complete! Then I came home and roasted up some carrots, yams, and onion and piled them on top of a nice pile of quinoa. Deelicious! And then I had some cookies. Twice as many as I should have, actually. Hubby is not home this evening, and I am feeling lonely, and I KNOW thats why I turn to food like that – something to work on.

I’ll leave you with a pic of my Maisy – isn’t she pretty?


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