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Summer Goals

Last night, I sat down and I made a list of goals that I have for the coming months. To give you a little bit of context, when we moved here in September of last year, I had an office job lined up, but it was only 20 hours a week. So, I got another part time job at a local restaurant. It didn’t take long before the office decided to hire me on full time, which was awesome! I, of course, thinking I was superwoman, held onto that second job, working two or three nights a week. I still say that the restaurant was a good experience; I made some friends, and although there were times where I felt very tired and stretched thin, it was mostly ok. And we managed to save a bunch of tuition money. That is always a bonus. Recently, however, I have just felt DONE. And so it came to pass that I worked my last shift at the restaurant  a couple of days ago.

And now? Now I feel FREE! Add to it that the office I work for switches to a four day summer work week, and I feel like I can accomplish anything! Except that I know myself well enough to know that just feeling like I can do anything does not mean that I will actually accomplish anything at all. So, that’s where my list of goals comes in:

1.       Lots of beach days! I will have Fridays off all to myself, and my plan is to spend them doing nothing in the sunshine. I have some serious relaxing ahead of me!

2.       Start a blog. Hey! This one is already done! Sweet, look at me go already…

3.       Plan our meals a week in advance. This is how I used to do meals/shopping before we moved. Since then, with both our schedules being so crazy….not so much. But I want to make this a priority again! We eat better, healthier, more complete meals, AND we save money. I hope to share some of what I come up with here!

4.       Get serious about running. I have been running on and off for a couple of years, but haven’t been able to be consistent about it. I think I was focusing too much on the outward benefits of running: namely, I wanted to lose some weight. BUT, I have gotten glimpses of what it is to truly love running and THAT’S where I want to be this time. I want to do it because it feels good, gives me energy, and will help me to be a healthier person. Right now I am working through Podrunner Intervals. I have avoided doing something like this before because I thought the beginning weeks would be too easy for me. (And they would be, if I was doing them at the snail-pace I had been moving at.) I am using the beginning weeks to help increase my pace – I am hoping that by the time the program is done, I can do a 30 minute 5K.

5.       Yoga! This is a recent discovery of mine, and I am really liking it! I want to continue to practice consistently I hope to see some big changes in my flexibility and strength.

6.       Find a class to get involved in. I am hoping to get in on a cake decorating class, because I think that would be super fun, or maybe find a class at hubby’s school – students’ spouses can audit one class a semester for free.

7.       Find a sweet dress for the wedding we will be going to in September. And not care about what size it is (or I am).

So, there they are! All in all, I think these are realistic and attainable goals. Especially the sitting on the beach part! 🙂

How has today been? Okay.  I came home from work exhausted and just wanted to lie around. But, after some Maisy cuddles, I kicked myself in the butt and went for my run. My legs felt like bricks, but I pushed through and even did pretty well. Week 2 is now complete! Then I came home and roasted up some carrots, yams, and onion and piled them on top of a nice pile of quinoa. Deelicious! And then I had some cookies. Twice as many as I should have, actually. Hubby is not home this evening, and I am feeling lonely, and I KNOW thats why I turn to food like that – something to work on.

I’ll leave you with a pic of my Maisy – isn’t she pretty?


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Hello World!

Well hello there! Welcome to my summer project.  I feel like I am at a bit of a crossroads in my journey, and my goal is to share and document my search for health – physical, mental, and emotional. I think I will start by sharing a little about myself:

I am Mrs. B. I am 24 years old, and my wonderful hubby and I will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary in August. We live in Vancouver with our kitty Maisy. We moved here at the end of last summer so that Mr. B. could begin working on his master’s degree – he is studying to be a pastor. Vancouver has proven to be quite the experience – there is just so much to do and see!

As I mentioned, I feel like I am now beginning to turn a corner. Since moving here I have sought out counselling to help me with my depression, which I have suffered from for a number of years now. Also, I am learning to view food and exercise is a healthy way. I have too often fallen for the allure of the quick fix diet program, and ended up flat on my face once it was all over. I am working on listening to my body – giving it good food and good exercise, and appreciating it for the amazing thing that it is – I have been given an amazing gift, and I want to treat it well!

So, welcome to my journey! I hope that you will find encouragement here, as well as some useful information. I made a list of my goals for the next few months, but I will have to wait and share tomorrow! Hope to see you back soon.

Mrs. B.

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